Some Photos for Laure Y at AP

Here are several photo for you to choose from, but I just ran through my files pretty fast and pulled about 50 out for you to look at.  However, feel free to navigate through the site (Because of illness I have not posted anything new for a long time but I have tons of photo here plus tons more that I just have not posted. For different categories of subjects, click on the different page titles at top of tis page.  My capabilities as a photographer did improve somewhat from my beginnings about 4 or 5 years ago, but you will find the quality uneven probably, because I challenged myself as much as possible, and frequently fell short of the mark!  That said, please know that you are under absolutely no obligation to use any of these, and know that do not suffer from bruised or hurt feelings! I am very thick skinned! 😆  Also, if you so desire, and like to accompany your own poems with photographs, you are welcome to use any of mine on this page or anywhere on the site. All I ask is that you give me copyright credit (if the photo is not already watermarked — some are).

So, I hope you enjoy these, and if not – then to trouble you! (Click on a photo, and you will be taken to a slide show screen.)