In Re Me

I am. . .

Not certain how I should finish that sentence.  If I say I am a “Photographer,” then what comes to my mind when I read something like that is an artist along the lines of Ansel Adams.  So I guess I will say that I am a lover of  images and pictures of all kinds – written, drawn, painted, sculpted, or photographed.  And while I am a lover of all of those things, I am most definitely not an expert practitioner of any of them.

I love to write, and I spend the majority of almost every day doing just that – writing.  My Writing Blog, called “Reflections From a Cloudy Mirror,” is my platform for those adventures in writing.  It is a daily exposition of some of the flotsam and jetsam, and occasional gems that come from my mind, and all are written from my little room at the “Draftsville Hotel.”

When I began RFACM in February of 2010, I did not yet know how important photography would become for me and what an important place it would take in my life.  So, I posted some of the photos I took, and discussed my progress in the art of photography.  I then created a “Page” on RFACM for my nature photos, and a page I dubbed “Granny’s Brag Page,” that was exclusively for photos of my granddaughter Zoë Alyson Calhoun.  Both of those pages got so discombobulated and hard to wade through, I made the decision in May of 2012 to create a new blog site for my photos.  Except for the occasional “illustrative” photo used on RFACM, all of my photos will now be posted on this blog.

God is the Creator of our universe, and while many photographers and other artists come close in depicting what God displays on a moment-by-moment basis, no one has ever been able to “reproduce” it.  My writing blog is an attempt to look at my life as seen in my cloudy mirror – and, as my “header” says there, “Some days are cloudier than others.”  My photos on this blog are my attempts to share with you some of the results of my adventures in photography.  I have so much to learn, but I am enjoying every step of the way as I endeavor with each photo to more perfectly reflect the Glory of God.

Advice and constructive criticism are ALWAYS appreciated here.  If you have some suggestions about how I might improve my skills, or if you have ideas for different techniques or there are some subjects you would like for me to tackle with my trusty Canon EOS D20, then please leave those comments here – I will be delighted to read them.

The camera I use came to me as a perfect gift from God.  There is a story behind it, and if you are interested, you can read that story here.  (In case you are wondering, my eyes still fill with tears each morning when I see the camera sitting at the foot of my bed – just waiting for me to turn it on!) Other than God and my family, nothing brings me more joy than attempting to capture that perfect moment in time.

I hope you enjoy my photos.

(The Home page for each post will have a featured photo or photos, and the balance of the pictures from that particular photo session or collection will (eventually) be posted on the page for their category:  Nature, People, Architecture, Grandchildren. The categorization and posting of other photos is still a work in progress.)