It Must Be August!


Sparrows have a spcial place tn my heart. They might be just brown and white, but they are beautiful, proud, and friendly.This is among one of the first of the season.

Since I have been photographing butterfies I have noticed that they keep a schedule. I am always impatient for them to arrive, but they don’t seem to care about that. Probably, for every area or the country, or even each neighborhood, the schedule is different. This is about how it goes every year for our house:

May, June, July, August – SKIPPERS!!! Just about every variety you can imagine, and there are dozens of varieties!

The silver-spoted skipper is the largest and most prominent.

Along about mid to late July, the swallow-tailed varieties arrive – in spades.

Finally, in August, the monarchs and viceroys make their appearance. Of course thoughout the summer there will be some strays, although my favorite, the eastern tailed blue has become more common, but very difficult to capture on film! The many varieties of sulphurs are also abundant all summer, and lately, as you will see, we have a proliferation of cabbage whtes. Bu whatever you call them, they are beautiful, and I love photographing them.  I am still waiting for the buckeyes and fritillaries. They will be along soon, I expect.  Anyway, here are some from a couple of days ago.

We finally got our new honeysuckle arbor up!

We finally got our new honeysuckle arbor up!








There will be more to come.  Have you captured any light lately?