While I’ve Been (Am) Under the Weather

I was in the hospital last week for reasons unknown that involve either heart or brain, but since I am rolling around making comparatively good sense, we shall assume it was a freak storm and not the beginning of a large storm front. If you were to take a gander at many and varied parts of my body right now, you would notice that I am more black and blue than any other color. I lost consciousness three times in the space of a half hour. Unfortunately, I was not in my chair during any of those times, and I hit the hardwood floors hard. Very hard. There are many doctor appointments in my near future.

So, to cheer myself up I took a few photos. One here of a gorgeous Gerber daisy, and a few of our Justin, enjoying the sunshine through the French doors of our sunroom. And no, he is not upside down in any of them. That’s just the position he was in relative to my camera. BTW, I was seated when I took these photos! Enjoy!

















Have you captured any light lately?