An Autumn Day

Hello my friends!  I’ve been away for so long, I’m wondering if you even remember me!?!  I have been very busy, but alas! Sonya has not.  I am now going to be sharing a desktop computer with my husband, and we both use this computer a lot!  We will be “fighting it out” for control of the keyboard, but I hasten to add that our “fights” are not violent – we don’t come to blows!

I have been busy with the camera, and so for both this blog and my photo blog, I am going to share with you some of the photos I took while rolling around (on my new beautiful “Cadillac” of a wheelchair) Lake Junaluska, here in North Carolina.  It was a gorgeous day, as you will see from my slideshow.  I do hope you enjoy it!

Until I get my turn at the computer again, I will bid you “Adieu!” and please know that I, as always, continue to wish for you enough. . .