A couple of new greeting cards for my catalog

A  few years ago, our  Josh came over to help us bury our dear fuzzy friend, our cat Forrest Gump.  We discovered that Josh has a truly deadly allergy to yellow jacket stings. He was stung twice (once on each leg), before he could even get the spade in the earth once.   We almost lost him that day, and I am not in the least hyperbolizing!  August 10 was Josh’s 36th birthday.  We were on time with the gift, but this card-making Mom was very late with the card.  It was sent with love, though, and is being added to my catalog of greeting cards:

Happy Birthday, Josh!

Happy Birthday, Josh!

Ashley’s brother, Frank, turned 75 on August 22.  This card was made, sent, and arrived on time –  a real achievement for me!


Did you catch some light today?