“You Old Coot!”

Have you ever been called an “old coot?”  I don’t really know how old these are but however old they are, they are fun birds to watch!.  Lake Junaluska has lots of them.  They are quite shy, and generally swim away when they see someone coming, unless food is involved!  I love their feet, which are lobed, and not webbed, which makes them neither duck nor goose.  You don’t know that until they step out of the water and get a good look at their feet,  I LOVE their feet, which are striped and can be blue or green or sort of in-between.  If anyone ever calls you an “Old Coot!” then just take off your shoes and socks and prove them wrong (unless of course you have lobed, striped feet. Click on the photo to get a closer look.

Here’s your educational photo of the week – The American Coot, or Mud Hen.


Have you captured any light lately?