Now it’s my finger, and my pie. . .(just a little bit, though!)

You may have seen some of these flower photos that I took of the birthday bouquet sent to me by a dear friend,  but they are worth looking at again, and they are still beautiful! But for my photo sales/publishing project I have decided to show you a couple of my newer ones that I don’t believe that I have posted here before.  My current project is to produce a ten-card set of my photos superimposed with scripture quotations, the cards being blank inside.  Some of them will obviously be better for some occasions than others, but they will be more general than specific. I am also working on a New Testament set, as well as a set that includes favorite lines of poetry.  I am also marketing the idea of creating for my customers “Custom Card Designs.”  You tell me the verse you would like on the outside (and/or inside), and I will take a photo specifically designed to go with that verse.  The photo will become filed away and used for your specific desires or needs exclusively!  You will be able to send custom greeting cards (and postcards) that nobody else will have.  Let me know if this appeals to you.  I have had a couple of nibbles, especially when I mention that stationery and envelopes can be designed exclusively as well, with the same photo and verse or different combos.

Enough with my shameless promotion!  Enjoy more signs of spring and joy!

Have you caught any light lately?

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