Some of my favorites

I’ve gotten some recognition lately on my two commercial sites, and they happen to be for some of my favorite photos.  It is quite a big deal for me to like any of my pics, much less these few, but anyway, I like these.  Maybe they just remind me of the day I took them.  (By the way, here’s my tacky self-promotion:  greeting cards or prints of all these photos plus the others on this site, are avaiable for sale.  There is a 20% discount for my Photo Blog followers!)


They look suspiciously like they had a fight and are not quite ready to make up!


To me, this was a perfect rose, at the height of its opening.


The four female mallards were not interested in me being so close, so they took off together.


This is a photo of the swamp water at Cypress Gardens, SC.  The bubbles are from the Blood Wort plant, which eats mosquitoes and their eggs.  Even on that warm September day there was not one bug that flew around, bothered us, or bit us.  It was great!

DSC00074Suddie with newborn Zoë – even though the scripture was about a baby boy, I figured this would fit the scripture.This was a top 10 winner in a photo with scripture contest
from the book of Ruth.


This won first place in a contest to feature a scripture from the book of Luke on a photo.  It is far and away my favorite scripture, mostly because it was my Daddy’s favorite, too..  I can still hear him say in awe and with a smile, “Didn’t our hearts burn within us. . . while he opened to us the scriptures?””  As Jesus walked along the way to Emmaus with two men who were grief-stricken that Jesus had been murdered, they did not recognize who He was.  Daddy always said, “Wouldn’t you have loved to be in on that Bible lesson?  Later, when Jesus accepted their invitation to dinner, He became known to them “in the breaking of the bread.”


Hope you had a good day.  According to my Dr. I have to go electric wheelchair shopping.  Ugh!  I’m looking so forward to the questions that are sure to come.  In any event, I’m glad to be in one piece after falling so often.  I am very, very blessed!

Did you capture any light today?