We were just driving by

Yesterday, Hubs and I had to make a trip to Chattanooga to handle some business affairs.  It is about a 3-hour drive.  When we left it was very rainy, and rained on us most of the way until we crossed over into Tennessee.  I had brought my camera with me (surprise!), because I knew we would be taking the route that would go through the Nantahala Gorge and the Ocoee Gorge – both areas were well used during the 1996 Summer Olympics (the ones that took place mostly in Atlanta, Georgia).  The white-water boating/rowing/paddling events took place in Ocoee and Nantahala.  It’s a beautiful area, and very popular especially during the summer months, of course.  All sorts of businesses offer rafting tours through the gorge.  The water level and flow of the white water is controlled by the TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority) through the use of several dams and sloughs.  As it is not really rafting time, only in  a very few spots could you see much white water   It was lovely, but we were on our way back and it had gotten rather dark – not really conducive to photography without a tripod (which I of course had not brought).

before it got too dark, however, there were a couple of spots near Murphy, NC that were rather idyllic in the early evening.  No rushing water, but a very peaceful lake, and a little island that you will notice in the final photos, which I present to you now in exact sequence.  All in all a nice day!