The river flows, the wind blows, rains come and go, as does the snow. . .

Some photos of some recent weather scenes from around our home.  Some of you may know that we have been on the receiving end of one of the longest intense daily rainfalls of recent memory.  We are fortunate that our house sits high above the riverbank below us, so flooding for us was not a danger, (but it affected many, many others in our area), and after several days of rain,we were notified that cold weather along with a ton of snow was on the way.  Well, as predicted, some cold weather came at last – after very intemperate warm weather with the rain.

A LOT of snow was predicted for us – as much as 8-10 inches.  We got maybe 2-1/2″ or 3″, if you want to stretch the point.  But it was our first snow – other than the dusting we received post Hurricane Sandy, so, as I still have not completed my Wordle for RFACM, I thought I would lure you over here to take a gander at some of the scenes of recent weather.  Couldn’t help adding a few shots of the ever-present Canada Geese that populate Lake Junaluska, taken today.  Some of them were willing to pose, and others decided to hide behind the rushes.  Hope you enjoy these “off the cuff” photos (although I did use a camera, too).

The weather was cold, and colder weather and wind is on the way. Maybe we’ll get some more snow.  I hope so.  Our cherry tree is threatening to bloom (way too early), and our daffodils are starting to come up. . .


After grocery shopping, we decided to back up to the garage for unloading.  Interesting pattern in the snow and slush, don’t you agree?  Hubs sees it as two lit candles.


Our reflecting ball in contrast to the white and gray of the landscape of our back yard.


Our winterberry bush adds a touch of red to this otherwise drab scene.


I like the snow on the reflecting ball.  What can I say?


Proud goose, unintimidated by me or the camera.


Hiding in the rushes by the lake side.


They thought they were safe from me.  I even risked a small fall for this one.  Worth it, in my mind!


This one knew I was there, watching.  He didn’t care.


This guy started to take off.  I wasn’t bothering him one iota!  I swear!  Beautiful as ever.  I love the smooth and unruffled feathers of these geese.


Foraging solo.


Joined by a friend.  The grass is always greener – where another goose is!


Why not three?  There is enough for all!

Sharing together in peace.


The ubiquitous Canada Geese.  Because they were overtaking the lake, folk are no longer allowed to feed them.

The ubiquitous Canada Geese. Because they were overtaking the lake, folk are no longer allowed to feed them.


As I left, he gave me one last pose!

Even though the weather was cold, the company of the geese was warm.  I did not include any photos of the flooded Little Pigeon across the road from our house.  I couldn’t get close enough for any decent shots.  Actually I could have, but Hubs would have killed me if I had tried!

Hope the weather around your home is to your liking.  If not, it doesn’t help to complain!  My Mom always told me, “T’ain’t no use to fret or complain – it’s just as easy to rejoice.  Because when God sorts the weather and sends the rain, well, rain’s my choice!”  After all, as we have no control over it, it might as well be our choice!

See you next time!  Hopefully soon, with some photos of our our dog Princess.