The Upstairs Landing – Still Life

I took a photo day before yesterday that I decided to post here.  It is a scene that has captured my eye over and over again as I pass by it and see it every day.  I do not know what draws me to it, and I am quite certain now that I will continue too try to capture the feeling that it gives me.  The first five shots started in the early morning, and continued long after I should have waited for the sun to move west.  The last one was taken this evening so you can see the difference in the light.  The photos work best in black & white or sepia (I think), but I have included some of the color shots I also took.  Let me know what you think.  What do they make you feel like or think of?  Criticism – for better or worse – is always acceptable, and most appreciated.






Now the photo from later in the day – just one, because I waited unti too late to get the shot I was aiming for – perhaps another time ;


See you next time.  Beauty is everywhere.