A River of Blessings

I did something sort of foolish on Monday afternoon.  I took our dog Princess for a walk (without my needed crutch), and hung my camera around my neck.  I decided to go across the street to photograph scenes along the Little Pigeon River.  It was the perfect time of day, and perfect water conditions – the water was not so high that I could not carefully pick my way along the shore to get some photos I have never been able to get before.  On this day of Thanksgiving, I am so grateful that I was able to do such a thing – foolhardy or not – without getting hurt at all (just tired) – and come home with an abundance of photographs, some of which that even I can say I am happy with. Princess was perfectly content to be tethered to a limb and watch me as I ventured off by myself upriver. (She did not care to come with me through the water and over the rocks at all!)

I pray for you all a wonderful day filled with the unending counting of blessings, a day of joy and gratitude for the spectacular gift of one more day in which to live and share love.  If you have the time, please drop over to my post today on Reflections From a Cloudy Mirror, and watch an amazing video about the joys of living each day well.

I will put up a slideshow of all 24 photos from this shoot on the “Nature-Flora” Page