Trying some self-cheer

This male Wood Duck had his heart set on a female who had zero interest in him. He chased after her constantly.

Few strut their stuff quite as beautifully as the maple every autumn.

So beautiful!

This blue pansy amazes me with its hardiness. To be so beautiful even after sub-freezing weather.

Do you mind just one more photo of the maple leaves? They remind me of my beloved Vermont!

I’ve felt a little “off” these days.  Too much I want to do, too little time to do it the way I want to, and way too high an estimation of my capabilities.  Do not despair, my dear friends.  Pity party will end one of these days soon.  I put up these colors just for me, but I hope you enjoy them too! Since I started this post a couple of days ago, I’ve gotten a few more photos you might like:

Beauty Berry bush and feather grasses

Canada Goose on still water

Fallen leaves scattered in bird bath

A “Photoshopped” painting of those fallen leaves

Driftwood on the shore of Lake Junaluska

He turns to place his eye on me

I would have followed in his wake. . .

Enough for now. . .more later. Just picture it. . .