“Our birthdays are feathers. . .

. . .on the wings of time.”
~~~Jean Paul

Our beautiful granddaughter, Zoë Alyson Calhoun, turned TWO on September 7th.  Hubs and I were fortunate to be able to attend her birthday party on September 8th.  Here are a few photos from that lovely afternoon.  On the following Tuesday, Hubs and I took Zoë and her parents to the North Carolina Aquarium in Manteo, North Carolina – on the Outer Banks.  There are a few photos from that lovely day here as well!  Enjoy!

(With the help of my friend, Nancy Hatch at Spirit Lights the Way, some captions have been added to the aquarium photos.  Check them out – hope you get a smile!)

Our “Fairy Princess,” Zoë Alyson Calhoun, Two Years Old

Mom, Zoë, and Dad. And delicious birthday cake!

Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head!” What fun!

“Elmo! What big eyes you have!”

“I love you, Elmo!”

“More cake, please!”

Some photos from the aquarium:

“What are YOU looking at?”

“Excuse me. Pardon me. Coming through.”

“Damn fulcrum! Stuck again!”

Mr. T’s Adventures Through the Looking Glass

“Wow! I can’t wait until I learn how to swim!”

“I just had my spikes straightened and I can’t do a thing with them!”

“Will somebody please tell me which way I’m supposed to go?”

“You come to this wall to get your red scales buffed and brightened. The wall for the blues ones is next door.”

I left my galaxy for THIS? The vacation brochure said ‘fabulous vacation spot with lots of views!’ Didn’t know I’d be the one getting all the views!”

Hunting for fossilized shark teeth

“Come on, Daddy! Enough of the shark’s teeth! Can you find any money in there?”

“Here, Granddaddy! You can have this. I don’t know what it is, but you can have it anyway!”

Mini tooth from a mini shark?

I’ll always find a butterfly! Sulphurs like this one were everywhere!

More photos will be added to my pages over the next few days.