Terms of Endearment

I had the opportunity this past Sunday to visit the Suri Alpaca farm that has recently been established by friends of mine.  These “Suri” Alpacas (the most uncommon breed here in the United States) are truly the most endearing creatures I have seen in a long time.  Each one has her or his own personality er, alpacanality, and though some might be shy, they are nevertheless quite friendly, and seemed to enjoy their time in front of my camera’s lens.  Hope you enjoy these shots.  For more photos of these endearing animals, see my page, “Nature – Fauna.”

Can you tell I had fun?  These alpacas live on the 3P Suri Alpaca Farm in Waynesville, North Carolina, which is owned and operated by Gil, Linda, and Gregg Poppenhagen.  If you are ever down this way, they would love for you to come visit – and you can fall in loves with these terrific creatures like I have!