Tattered Wings and Other Things

(For my poem, Tattered Wings, click here.)

Since I have photographed butterflies, and for years before that observing them with my eyes only, I have known that this time of year brings about the beginning of the end of life for the season’s butterflies.  I love to photograph and see them in the spring – newly emerged from their chrysalis, but there is something about this time of year – seeing them with their wings so torn and tattered it is amazing they can still fly – that gives me a bittersweet, but strangely joyous feeling.  I think it has to do with the fact that you see the cycle of life, through which all living creatures go, played out before your eyes in a sort of time-lapse.  I am reminded of the continuity of life, how life does indeed go on, and how beautiful it can be.  I believe that the butterflies are no less beautiful with their tattered wings than they are at the beginning of their adult life – they show me that courage, determination,  and resilience can remain despite the challenges of life, and underneath it all their vibrant colors still glow with the perfection given them by their Creator.

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