Smiles of a Sunday Afternoon

When we arrived home after church this afternoon, I took the time to take some photos of  some of the flowers, planted and growing in a rusted out wheelbarrow, that I have been trying to capture in the right light.  I’m not quite there yet, but I’ll show you a couple of them anyway.  To my delight, a couple of other subjects made themselves known, and I was able to get some photos of a butterfly, feeding on a primrose blossom, that I have not seen at our house before.  Although it is probably a very common member of the skipper family – branches of which we have tons of – for whatever reason, this “Zabulon skipper” is new to me.  Also pictured below is a very tightly closed hibiscus blossom, waiting its turn to open on our very prolific bush of crimson flowers, plus some pictures of some zinnias we have growing in a pot on our deck.  I love looking at the center of the zinnias, which to me look like flowers within the flower.  Hope you enjoy these things of beauty that brought me smiles and joy today – a Sunday afternoon.

“Coming in for a landing”