A Knoxville Afternoon

Some photos from my recent trip to Knoxville.  I took these on Saturday, July 21st.  It was the day of our son Adam’s 34th birthday.  A great day all around.  The photos below are of a back-lit lily, seeming to glow from within; a very determined beetle, trying to climb its way across the yard, a single blade of grass at a time –  he would climb one blade, fall off and land on his back, turn himself back over, then attempt another blade of grass – a truly laborious process; some flowers that are lovingly cared for by Adam and his partner Dusty; a beautiful Gulf Fritillary that flitted very obligingly from blossom to blossom, giving me several views of his beautiful wings; a loving bumble bee, that seems to be hugging the yellow marigold – his pose reminded me of a line from a poem by Walt Whitman.  Enjoy!!

“. . .those I love engirth me, and I engirth them.” – WaltWhitman