I Gave it a Try – “Candid Photos”

I have just taken the opportunity to spend some time going over some of the candid photos I took this past Easter.  I had tried some more “formal” portrait-style photography, and have not been especially satisfied with my results to date.  The one of my husband that was posted on my writer’s blog is about the only one that I have really liked – so far!  I’ll keep trying!  Of course the candid shots of our granddaughter Zoë are among the easiest photos I have ever taken!  It is hard to get a bad shot of her.  I don’t know if it’s because I am in love with my subject, or that the subject is just so photogenic.  I might be biased, but go here to see a slideshow of photos of her that I took last April, after Easter, when we went out to the OBX to visit her and her Mom and Dad.

The photos of the children below were taken after our Easter celebration on April 8, 2012.  The photos were taken at random, and generally without the subject knowing that their photo was being taken.  It was a very bright and sunshiny day, so in some shots that was a challenge for me.  I would very much appreciate your critique on these photos.  Like I wrote above, these photos are the result of my first real try at candid photography.  I will continue to work at it.  Hope you enjoy the priceless faces on the beautiful little ones!