No bottle of wine (yet), but plenty of fruit on the vine!

Our fruiting vines and fruiting trees are really beginning to show signs of summer production.  We are already beginning to pick blackberries (sweet and delicious, with jut a hint of “tart”), my grape tomato plants are getting ready to bring me a load of my favorite small tomato treat, and our heritage apple trees will be yielding at least enough fruit to make a batch of apple sauce and/or apple butter for next winter, and perhaps we will try to make wine with our yield of grapes this year too!  Here, along with some Queen Anne’s Lace (one of Hub’s favorite wild flowers), and perhaps one or two of our recently planted “Knock-Out” roses, are presented for what I hope is your pleasure some of my newest photos:

And this friendly little sparrow peeked out of the bush this morning to say hello: