What is more precious than gold?

For my first experiment with my new remote/timer for my camera, I set up my camera and tripod with my 100-400mm lens, and pointed it at our thistle seed bird feeder.  Thistle seed is a particular favorite of the smaller birds, especially finches. When out earlier today walking Princess, I noticed that the thistle seed feeder had at last been discovered by the birds, and though they quickly flew away at the sight of us, I figured they would be back later.  I waited until early evening, as that is the time that I remember the finches feeding last year, and set up my camera and tripod.  I did not have to wait long from my vantage point from an upstairs bedroom window for some goldfinches to appear.  Actually – all I saw from my vantage point was the handsome male.  I was surprised that his mate was not with him, because from my observations in the past they seldom are apart.  When he finally took off and I retrieved my camera, after downloading the photos I saw that the female had been with her mate the entire time – on the opposite side of the feeder.  The photos of her are not quite as good because she was a bit outside of the focus range that I had originally set up.  That’s enough writing from me now – on to the show:

The remainder of the goldfinch photos can be found on the “Nature – Fauna” Page.  I don’t know about you, but I feel very rich today.  Lots of gold in my memory pockets!