Along the Blue Ridge

Yesterday my husband gave me the gift of his time and took me on a car ride through a stretch of the Blue Ridge Parkway in western North Carolina.  It is a National Treasure, this highway, and is marked each season of the year with incredible views and displays of native plants and wild life.  On occasion one can still see a black bear, however, yesterday there was not one to be seen by me.  Yesterday’s treats for me were the mountain views – there is absolutely no question as to why this part of the Appalachian Mountains is called “The Blue Ridge.”  The Mountain Laurel, Rhododendron, and Flame Azaleas were in bloom.  They were a treat to see, but difficult to photograph because most of them managed to be too far from any of the roadside pull-overs.  I also got my first true and unobstructed view of “Cold Mountain,” the same mountain for which the eponymous book is named.  It was a glorious afternoon and  the beauty of the building clouds and a bit of rain added to the beauty of the evening, and some of the photos, I believe.  More photos are soon to be on the Nature-Flora page.

The blue “Blue Ridge Mountains”

Cold Mountain

Flame Azalea

Roadside wildflowers


Mountain Laurel