Flowers, Flowers, Flowers. . .

. . .and I also put in a few photos of the walkway we have planted, sort of like an English mixed perennial and annual garden.  This walkway leads to our front door, and I’ve included a photo of that too.  You are welcome to come by for a visit, sit and rock a while on our front porch and drink a tall glass of iced tea, or the beverage of your choice.  We can chat, or you can take a nap while I continue chatting.  By now you know my proclivity for loquacious wordiness, and unrelenting tongue (and pen!).  Makes a good drone for those of you who need white noise to sleep, though!  Enjoy our flowers.  The garden was started last year, and is just beginning to show itself for what it will one day be.

Y’ll come back now, hear?