Along the Edges of Our Yard

Seems like something’s always popping up.  I didn’t get a photo of our nascent blackberries yet – but right now it looks like we will be having a good crop.  I’m looking forward to them – we didn’t get any last year – the weather just didn’t cooperate. Later,  I’ll be putting up photos of our garlic – otherwise known as the plants from outer space, and wonder of wonder our grape-vine has tiny grapes beginning to show.  This after it had to re-leaf altogether after having been frozen in that last vicious hard freeze that took out all the hundreds of buds on our climbing rose, and wiped out our beautiful new crepe myrtle.  The crepe myrtle is fighting back, though!  New growth is starting to sprout up from the ground beneath the dead limbs.  I’ll put up some of those photos after it gets a bit more established.

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