Pets are People Too!

I have had a tough time photographing pets – particularly our own!  They always seem to want to get in on my end of the camera.  Curiosity about it all – especially from our cat Justin –  has almost ended up with the old axiom being proved; i.e. “Curiosity killed the cat!”  I am just kidding of course.  Justin is quite loveable, and at his size of just under 20 pounds, he would be very difficult to kill, anyway!  😆  Herewith a few pets – some our own, and some of our friends’ and neighbors’.  The white kitty frequently visits our lawn.  Since s/he appears well-fed, we assume she has a home of her own, but she often enjoys the view from the top of our shed.  Enjoy!

Suzy-Q and Princess – Great friends, worn out!

Our sweet Pepper, 1961 – 2011

Callie, the Shetland Sheep Dog, owned by Bev and Dan Lindsey

Andi, an Indian Ringneck Parakeet, owned by Josh Calhoun

Neighbor cat sunning itself on our shed roof

“X” marks the spot on our cat Justin – sunning in a favorite spot

“Crouton” a toy poodle owned by Emily Anixter

“Rhubarb,” a toy poodle puppy, owned by Emily Anixter