The chickens get their turn in the spotlight

For a few days our neighbor’s chickens decided to go on a daily hike, and found our yard a good destination.  I enjoyed the great photo-op, which although it did not go quite as well as I had hoped, I still managed to get a few shots of which I am proud.  The leader of the escapees was the beautiful barred rock rooster.  The rest of his clan were not interested in being photographed, and moved away from me as soon as thy saw me.  The big rooster, however, was not at all intimidated and enjoyed his modeling session.  The only thing I missed getting a snap of was his mighty “crow” just before he decided to join the rest of his clan.

f/stops varied in these photos from 4.0 – 7.1; ISOs from 100 – 400 (I was experimenting. . .)