On closer examination. . .

Hubs and I were checking out some houses on the Outer Banks of North Carolina when we were there on a visit in April.  I took my camera with me (of course) to help us keep the houses straight in our heads, should we actually decide to purchase one.  (That won’t happen until we sell our house, and then only if the house we purchase here (but closer to town) is at a price reasonable enough that we can consider a second home.  At all the houses, I took some photos of the property  around the house.  One of them, an old farmhouse in Wanchese on Roanoke Island, (and the definition of a “fixer-upper”), had a very pretty clump of Dianthus in the back yard.  I couldn’t resist taking a photo.  Only recently did I discover that one of the bright red blooms was entertaining a visitor:

He’s barely visible here, peeking out of the center of one of the blossoms.


(Camera settings:  f/8.0; ISO 400)